Cat Eye Designer Sunglasses

The cat eye is making a fierce comeback in today's fashion. These glasses are an epitome of old Hollywood glamour that add instant drama and vintage appeal to any trend or look. Cat eye frames are known for their flared outer edges to accentuate the shape of a woman's eyes. Frequently, the frames were inlaid with diamante or scattered glitter dust. Made popular in 1953 by Marilyn Monroe in the comedy How to Marry a Millionaire and later, by Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany's, these unique frames turned function into fashion. Cat eye's return into current fashion is a symbol of their timeless retro design and vintage appeal.

Cat eye glasses were not always at the height of women's fashion. Before the 1950s, design chose function over fashion. Glasses were rounded, styled to blend in, and counterbalance a woman's face shape. During post war America, women embraced a move back to glamour. Women abandoned civilian military uniforms and turned toward femininity and elegance. The new and fresh look of the fifties contrasted to the plain and simple styles during the war. This included accessories like the cat eye glasses.

Styled to accentuate a woman's facial features, cat eye glasses were designed to enhance the natural color of hair and eyes. The colors transformed from boring metallic of the previous decade, to bright colors that made a statement. Attention was placed on details that made the glasses unique. They are known for their horn rim and flared outer edges where the arms meet the frame. Exaggerated shapes along with diamond accents and asymmetrical patterns transcended into a fashion fad of the fifties. The colorful creations offered individual personality and women could wear glasses confidently with the unique frame's modern design. These frames were originally produced for optical glasses, but Audrey Hepburn's cat eye sunglasses featured in Breakfast at Tiffany's, renewed the vintage look.

Cat eye glasses are regaining popularity despite their classic design. They provide an elegant and feminine touch to any outfit, including exuberant costumes worn by celebrities like Katy Perry and Lady Gaga. Their diversity in colors makes it easy to pair with different outfits to recreate a retro look. They look great on almost anyone, but you must choose the right pair for you. Start with a color that compliments and enhances your best facial feature. Also, choose a shape that contrasts your face shape. Long faces should chose wider lenses, round and square faces should go for narrow lenses, and detailed and accents on top fit diamond shaped faces. Most of all, they should be worn with confidence. Whether you want to add to your polished Mad Men style or give a touch of sass to a pin up rockabilly outfit, cat eye glasses add vintage flare to any retro style.

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Cat eye glasses
Cat eye glasses are a shape of women's and sometimes men's eyewear. They have an upsweep at the outer edges where the arms (typically referred to as temples) join the frame front. They were mainly popular in the 1950s and 1960s among fashionable women and are usually associated with the Beehive hairstyle.
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Cat eye sunglasses have a distinct shape: There's an upsweep at the temples at the outer corners hence the name cat eye.
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